Self Care

Parenting and caregiving is stressful. It requires life changes and the need to balance responsibilities.

We often feel tired, angry, depressed, nervous, and guilty – yes, its normal

Sometimes, it even affects your health – skin rashes, headaches, and backaches

Make time for yourself

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  • You will become a better parent/caregiver if you take time to look after yourself!

  • Slow down – Relax and remember. to take deep breaths

  • Take time to eat well and eat enough. This may mean many little meals throughout the day to ensure you remain full of energy when taking care of your children

  • Get enough rest and sleep. Aim for 7-8 hours a night and make it a priority. Stick to a sleep schedule and practice a relaxing bedtime ritual

  • Be active each day whether by walking or using physical activity services such as a gym. Being physically active increases your energy and self-esteem, improves your sleep, and reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases!

  • Be open to learning and trying new things. Challenge yourself to try one new thing a week!

  • Take some quiet time for yourself each day, even if it is only 20 minutes to read a chapter of a book!

  • Talk to someone you trust when you are feeling overwhelmed

Make time for your partner

  • A healthy relationship is important when caring for yourself and your child

  • Speak honestly and respectfully

  • Share responsibility

  • Trust each other

Self-care should be practiced regularly, throughout your life!

Self-care are actions that we incorporate into our everyday life that enable us to maintain and improve health, wellbeing, and wellness

Why is self-care good for us?

  • Self-care are individualized choices that we make each day in regard to our lifestyle

  • It empowers people to look after themselves and helps to prevent ill health in the future

  • It provides people with confidence and a sense of happiness

  • It helps people recover from illness, manage ongoing physical and mental health conditions and live longer lives

Tips for self-care

  • Recognize that self-care is an effective strategy for positive mental and physical health

  • Even five minutes can help! Set aside 5 minutes per day to do something for your overall wellness, even it is something as simple as a face-mask!

  • Love yourself from the inside out! Whether it be a yoga class to relax your mind, going for a run, or drinking plenty of water each day, keep up with things that make you feel good on the inside and outside.

  • Be social – do not be afraid to talk about your feelings and/or struggles.

  • Identify what you enjoy doing and integrate it into your day, or at least your week.

  • Debrief after a long day. Take a walk at the end of the day or listen to some music at the end of the night to relax after a stressful day


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