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Baby Yoga for Pre-Crawlers

Babies are born yogis! This unique class is yoga for your baby, helping them to preserve their innate bodily awareness, strengthening the bond between parent and child, and inspiring a deep trust between parent and child which will set the stage for their future relationships. We will learn poses, sing songs, and have fun! Class will also involve some gentle core-rebuilding exercises for adults, including pelvic floor activation and balance restoration. Learn how to courageously handle your baby in ways that they enjoy and help them towards their next stage of development. Baby yoga promotes more and better sleep for your infant. Yoga can help infants by relieving digestive upset, constipation, gas and colic. Shared relaxation is mutually beneficial for parents/caregivers and babies and enhances non-verbal communication. This class is for infants 0- 12 months Pre-Crawlers and is 45 minutes.